Wednesday, February 1, 2012

HTW: Curing a hangover


Had I started this Wednesday segment a little earlier in the year I would have realised the need for this post LAST week when post Australia Day 'headaches' would have been rife. Alas, it is here now.

While it has been a while since my last hangover (the hangover from hell: it was an entire 12 hours after waking up that I would actually speak and a whole 7 days until it was finally gone). The fear of remembering that feeling puts me off having more than a few glasses. Yeah, Im old, I know :P

It's the morning after and you've woken up to a frighteningly painful migraine. Your guts are churning and you're so incredibly thirsty. What are you meant to do when you have over-indulged?

Sleep: This one is fairly obvious. The easiest way out of pain is to sleep through it. You're going to feel like rubbish so you're day was already going to be a write off. Let your body recover with a nap, it will eventually forgive you for the night before and may even love you again.

Drink: You are going to want to replenish your body with as much water, fruit juice, orange juice or Gatorade as you can keep down. It's probably best not to drink all these drinks one after the next as it would probably taste strange. Just one, or two would be quite adequate.

No caffeine: If you need it desperately then a weak coffee/tea wouldn't go astray but steer clear of high caffeine beverages. Your body is dehydrated and caffeine will continue to dehydrate your system. Its best to lay low for a while.

Oranges: I know I have already brought this one up, but orange juice! You want vitamin C in your system, it is your friend! Oranges, orange juice; anything orange flavoured you are going to want in your system (orange cruisers; probably not the best idea right now).

Pickles: These disgusting slimy suckers are very rich in minerals, which you are going to want right now. Personally, I hate pickles but I am not everyone. So if you can stomach them, go right ahead, your body will love you for it.

Shower: This is my favourite. I throw a towel down to cover the plughole and curl into a ball and pretend I have died (not really, just feel like I have). But really, a shower will help. Apparently fluctuating from hot to cool is a great idea, but I like it on warm. You will find your balance however.

Berocca: My boyfriend is a seasoned drinker. He plays sport all year long and is definitely 'one of the boys' so when I see him reach for the Berocca, I just know he went hard. This stuff must work them if he is using it. You can get them in handy little pre-made drinks in the cold section of supermarkets too, win! Saves you from having to actually think in your decrepit state.

Exercise: I have heard bad things about exercising while hungover, but movement is good for curing a hangover. I guess if it is a very severe migraine I might advise against it, but for a moderate/mild hangover, try some soft movement like walking or going for a swim. Don't forget to replenish your fluids!

Panadol: In very moderate doses. There is a down side to these medications in that too many is very bad for your health while aspirin will thin your blood and ibuprofen can cause stomach bleeding so only use if in dire need of it.

Vitamins: Before bed (pre-hangover) take a B vitamin with a glass of water. You will feel better for it in the morning.

So what do you think? Have I missed any? x Melissa


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