Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HTW: Pulling an all-nighter


I came to a sad realisation earlier this week. I start uni again for the year as of next Monday. I have taken a bit of a break from it over the past year and am now working four days a week, and while I study externally, I am still really bracing myself for stress overload, boring topics I don't care for and long sleepless all-nighters. I would like to tribute today's post to all the uni students about to embark on the same journey as myself. With no further ado... how to pull an all-nighter:

Caffeine - Yay or Nay: This really depends on your experiences with caffeine in the past. If you are a seasoned java drinker then go for your life, however if you are not so familiar with this beverage then chances are you will peak too soon and crash long before you actually planned on sleeping. Icy cold water or a mug of green tea are a safer bet.

To break or not to break: I love my job but after a while I end up sitting there completely zoned out of my head wondering why I am staring at a computer. The lesson is, you need to take breaks! At the risk of getting side tracked, it will keep you motivated and remind you of why you are up working when you would much prefer to be sleeping. Try to aim for a 10 - 15 minute break every hour to hour half for optimum results. If you absolutely must have a nap, anything longer than 30 minutes will be detrimental to your all-nighter edge and you will find yourself sleeping through to your alarm.

Staying in the zone: It is so important that you work in an area that you feel productive in. You want to be seated in a chair which is not too comfy as to put you to sleep but is not going to cause you pain. You want to shut down Facebook and remove anything unnecessary and fun from your immediate vicinity as it is a distraction. The lighting should also be good as you want to see what you are doing. Also, very important, do not attempt an all-nighter while seated on your bed. As hard as you may try, you are going to lay down and fall asleep.

Staying Stimulated: Listening to something fast paced (like Pendulum) will keep you awake and buzzing out of your mind, which is what you want isn't it? Try to chop and change what you are focusing on every now and then to keep from repetition and overall boredom. You may even want to have a friend come around to be your study buddy, it may help you to focus a bit better. Also, you may like to keep some snacks close by to nibble on in the wee hours when you are craving something to eat.

I hope you have all taken something from this. Happy studies!! 

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