Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Vegan Milestone


Today is an important day for me. It symbolises a milestone that few people thought I would make. You see, on February 7, 2011 I had the crazy idea pop into my mind that I could go vegan for a few days. Those few days turned into months and as of today, into an entire year. 

At the time I was stuck in a rut. I was in a job I absolutely loathed (McDonald's will do that to you) and it felt a lot like I was constantly going through the motions or maybe just some sick Groundhog day where the only thing that changed was the sky. Regardless, I needed a change. I needed something I could take control of and morph into whatever I wished it to be. I needed something tangible I could react to that was decided upon by my decisions alone. Then suddenly it popped into my mind: quit meat. So I did. Meat, cheese, eggs, honey, milk, gelatin, leather, fur, suede, all animal derivatives and animal tested companies for that matter!

And I feel amazing! So emancipated all of the time because I know that I am doing the least amount of harm there is to make. I know that the companies I buy from are eco-sustainable and in some cases, carbon neutral and I like this. I like that my products weren't tested on animals prior to touching my skin, instead being tested via plant derived ways, which is very fine by me.

I like that I don't put on weight, ever. That my meals are inherently healthy and incredibly flavoursome an more importantly, that they aren't tainted by flesh. It just feels good and you feel cleaner on the inside and you get this strange feeling of simply radiating.

On the same token, you do get in more fights. Some people find it entertaining to try and piss you off. I don't go around throwing fake blood on people or even forcing my ways on others. I simply have the facts and people know so and know that if they have questions about anything that I am here for a chat. Simple. But there will always be the ones who want to fight.

Hopefully Year Two of my veganism brings about some exciting new prospects. I hope to continue to make even more friends, much like the ones I have made in the past year who I have found to be so inspiring and kind and helpful whenever I needed a helping hand. I hope to continue to advocate politely and gently and to simply make my corner of this earth better by trying the best I can to make a difference.


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