Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to School


Today is filled with mixed feelings for me. You see, I go back to studying today. I study externally so in essence I shall be studying from home but I am kind of regretting over-extending myself so much. I have chosen to study four units this semester as well as work full time so please bear with me if I seem to be slowing in my blogging, I haven't forgotten about you :)

I started this degree a few months after moving to Ballina. I didn't know anyone, had just came out of a five year long relationship and didn't really know myself. In my previous life in Sydney I was studying to be an Interior Designer. When I moved here I realised they didn't have my degree so had a bit of a life changing moment. I would become a writer! So off to university I went.

But then something strange happened, I became a writer without the degree. So now I am just going through the motions to finish it so I may get on with my life. Have you ever had the same problem? Anyway, today I thought I would share a few inspiring images I have stumbled across on my net travels. I hope they inspire you as much as they do myself :)



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