Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On overcoming bullying


I wanted to write about something a little special today; something a little bit more important than what I might usually write. While it is so important to keep positive, it is maybe even more important to keep from being negative.

Today I wanted to write about bullying. Growing up I was never the coolest kid, and while from time to time I had rude snipes made in my direction or a few mean words thrown my way, I wouldn't consider myself a victim of schoolyard bullying. But while I am lucky enough to have escaped high school unscathed, it doesn't mean that everyone did. I would just like to point out that this post is not a back handed snipe directed at anyone, nor am I trying to bring to the surface grievances with anyone. I am merely trying to bring this taboo topic to light. 

First and foremost, I believe we all should have the freedom to be ourselves. I believe that if you are born as a male and you are sexually attracted to men, or women to women, then that is so fine. You deserve to have the right to love whoever you wish to. I believe you should have the right to choose your own decisions in life and above all, YOU DESERVE TO FEEL SAFE. Always. 

As a vegan I have had a fair few rude comments directed my way, and I do consider myself to be quite passive. It is my right to eat beans just as much as it is the next persons choice to eat salmon, or strawberries, or so on. And while I do not advocate the eating of flesh, this is a decision I came to on my own accord as everyone else has came to their own decisions about their lifestyle and health. 

We are all beautiful! We all have a heart and know what "love" is and have aspirations for the present and the future and dreams we hope to fulfil. I have huge dreams, maybe even a little too big for me to fill, but that is what living is about. It is about embracing all that there is to embrace in this universe; to seize the day; to feel safe in the knowledge that your character is your destiny. 

But some don't embrace these things. They take pleasure in hurting those who are already down, those who are unsure or indecisive of their move. Those who are not 100% themselves. This is called bullying and it is disgusting. It upsets me when someone will come to me trying to "bitch" about another person because I know at that moment, the person being spoken about is having their character judged. Does this person deserve this? Is whatever they have done, or supposed to have done worth their good name and respect? No.

I ask of you, next time you see or hear of someone being spoken to or about rudely, ask yourself "How would I feel being spoken to like this?" 

People may forget what you said or what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

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