Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An announcement! Wednesday shall be...


Happy Hump-day everyone! Now, bear with me but I want to try something a little bit different, a little bit fun even. In the vast black hole that I call my mind I have concocted a rather exciting little idea...

I have decided that from now until the end of time as I know it, Wednesday shall be known as "How-To-Wednesdays" (or "HTW" for short) here at Breathe The Rain. Crazy right? Anyway, my justification behind this is the saying "you learn something new everyday", except most weeks I only learn one or two things, so it's time to get our knowledge on people!

Its going to be a lot of random things at first but as I hone in on what my lovely readers (you!) want to read or learn, then I will start to specialise a little. So please, feel free to drop me a line, no matter how small or large your question or topic is, and I'll try and teach you a thing or two :)

Today I will be teaching you the basics of car maintenance, so stay posted!


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