Friday, September 30, 2011

And I say sorry.


I think that people value life too poorly. We consume the flesh of innocent creatures several times a day without a care to whether the he or she on our plate suffered throughout life and during death. We don't even care to stop and wonder whether they were a he or a she. From that creatures first breath it had a tiny heart, tiny nose, eyes and a little pair of ears. They are not so different from you and I.

We play games where the prime role is to inflict death on those opposing us. We stab, maim, torture, rape and stalk our own kind. We reoffend and reoffend. We cheat on our partners, lie to our friends and family, disrespect ourselves over and over again.

We are ripping down entire rain forests to use as commodities. We are overfishing our oceans to the point of extinction, we are destroying our ozone layer with harmful products. We are destroying the only planet we will ever have.

How is our race; this so called 'alpha species' supposed to survive when all we do is destroy? A lot of the time I am disgusted for what we have done. I can't apologise enough for my kind's destructive and totalitarian nature. I may only hope for a generation removed from today that operates on a system of compassion instead of greed and gluttony

Monday, September 26, 2011

A time to begin


It has been a while since I have just sat down and wrote. I don't have a  good reason as to why this is. I can say I will not neglect to write but the reality is that I am human. We get sloppy and break promises with ourselves and others. We fall short of expectations.

I wish I was less like this and more like the person I want to be: one who doesn't waste so much precious time on trivial things. As we are all aware; life is timed. Nobody is immortal and we all have an expiry date.

This concept has really began to hit home with me recently. No, nobody in close proximity to my life has died nor have I recently experienced any particularly life-altering moments. It is just becoming more apparent everyday that at 21; it really is time to move out of my parent's home.

There are times where I look back and wish I have saved more of my money so I could leave home or take more financial risks however my reality is that that money is gone; spent on bits and pieces. All we have is the present and it is everything we make it. Hopefully with a little careful planning, I will be able to afford to live the life I can only afford in my head.