Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tofu doesn't scream.


Back in February, I made the pledge to become a vegetarian. I thought 'Ah yeah, give it a month! You may just like it'. I lasted one glorious week. It was then that I realised I needed to do more. Humanity is single-handedly destroying this planet, and for what? Cruelty. Now I am no expert on the topic but I do know that we are breeding creatures for consumption, for entertainment, for clothing, for experimentation. We are sending baby animals to the slaughter right after birth when they need their mothers. We are skinning animals alive to wear as handbags or jackets. Why? It is so unnecessary. It is our shame.

I have now been a vegan for seven solid weeks. I couldn't stand to look away any longer. And to be honest I am feeling amazing! Cruelty-free is cheaper, and so it should be! You can't put a price on life. Vegans (myself included) are usually thinner, healthier and more energetic than the average omnivore.
Soon I will post some cruelty-free brands and websites I am completely in lust with. They have made my transition to compassionate living just that little easier :)