Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How do we measure worth?


On the exterior, humanity measures worth in terms of looks, possessions and wealth. I personally have never understood this concept. I believe your 'worth' is determined by your heart - not the physical beating organ but by how you treat others; what you wish in those around you. I would like to hope that everyone gauges worth in this same concept; not because it is my belief but because people would be kinder if they did.

Girls are dying of anorexia because they are trying to live up to the worldly expectations of beauty being synonymous with being thin. If only someone would tell them that the single most beautiful thing you can be is yourself.

Beauty is subjective - which means that out of the six billion beautiful individuals that we share this planet with, you will always be surrounded by love. We are never alone. Yet, why is it that people are found dead in their homes years after they have passed on? What has happened to humanity that we can't even pop in next door to see if our elderly neighbours are alright? When did we become obsessed with our image and less about our minds?

I hope that for not even one moment I succumb to this way of existence. I hope I may always have it within myself to help those less fortunate. And to remember that 'less fortunate' doesn't always mean poorer. There are many ways to be disadvantaged. I hope I can love unconditionally; even those who test my patience and my beliefs. I hope that I may help others to see the beauty within themselves.


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