Friday, December 23, 2011

2011: The year that was.


Way back at the beginning of this year I wrote a post about all the things I wished to achieve by the end of 2011. Now that I am on work holidays and have the clarity to think back on the past few months, I don't feel as though I really achieved anything on my list. I didn't go to Melbourne. I didn't go anywhere actually. This year I have probably done less travelling than any other year to date. I didn't successfully learn french, let alone learn enough to read a book. The doors of my wardrobe are papered with french words and phrases, and while I see them every day, I couldn't tell you 1-10 unless you had a reasonable amount of time to waste on me trying to remember. The fact is, I didn't do what I set out to do.

What I did do though, I think was much more valuable. I became a vegan. This is a huge part of me now. I write another blog, Vegan Earth as well as helping out with articles for Vegan Era website. I was published in Wild Fire, which is a vegan magazine by the lovely Kohii Love. I am about to write and publish a mammoth article about raising vegan children. And while saying isn't doing, I plan on advocating for animals in the next year.

I became a volunteer. For Vegan Era and for Northern Rivers Animal Services. Had I not taken these opportunity I would not have met my beautiful Patches. He came to us a very loud and angry Bengal of 7 months. While it has been incredibly straining on me introducing him and my other baby, Allegra, I wouldn't change a thing. He is full of beans and never sits still for more than a few minutes without destroying something.

I learnt to let go. I have always been a very highly strung person. I find it incredibly hard to sit back and just enjoy the moment. I have learnt to just say no when I can't give anymore where the old me would have pushed myself to the edge. Self preservation I guess; there is no point running yourself into the ground.

My hopes for 2012 are basic. To stop swearing. To save a decent amount of money. To move out.

Did your 2011 turn out how you had hoped it would?


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